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Generating Guaranteed Growth For Organisations

We guarantee your success by helping you exploit opportunities better by converting them to rewards, while taking care of any potential threats and problems to your organisation’s purpose.

We Are The Future of Risk

In a rapidly evolving world, you need to adapt with the change happening and keep your business performing optimally. Our futuristic and dynamic approach to risk is your key to unlocking existing and new opportunities for their rewards. We help you manage the complex dynamics of risk with techniques tailored for your business so you can achieve your purpose.

Our Core Services

Risk is about people. When you understand the dynamics of people and their needs you understand the dynamics of risk. Our services have been developed to help organisations get value they can see from the various dynamics of risk. From threat management to opportunity management and benefits realisation. Our mission is to help you achieve your purpose because it helps us achieve ours.

Our Training Programmes

Bespoke Risk Management Coaching, Personalised for Your Business

The programmes we offer were develped after careful study of businesses, organisations and their dynamics. Targeting specific growth areas, we help startups, established small to medium enterprises and larger organisations.

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We always start with your purpose in its defined state, current state and futures desired state. We know the dynamics of risk influencing business’ purpose in these states and we work with you integrally to progressively achieve your purpose. The Risk of You is confident of its abilities and we share some of our intellectual ideas that can expedite your growth. By combining risk with analytical psychology, we have created a powerful and results-guaranteed method that can increase your productivity and profitability.

We are your Trusted Risk Partner in the journey to achieve your purpose.