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Grow your business faster with a risk-based business approach for success

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The Risk of You Ltd is a privately held business services company based in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom. We specialise in helping organisations exploit the power of risk and achieve their purpose through our holistic and risk-based approach to running businesses or transformation projects.

Some of our clients have included companies in Banking, Finance, Oil & Gas, Engineering and Consulting. We have expanded our services by working more with Small and Medium Enterprises to give them the same benefits larger organisations get.

We aim to use our results-driven best practices and technology to create value for our clients as we progress in our vision of becoming a world leader in providing risk solutions for businesses.

Our business event is one of a kind, attracting people from all works of business and life, indicating our ability to speak to everyone in a risk language they understand.

We operate across 4 main areas:

Risk Strategy Integration – Risk Strategy Integration is our modelled approach to integrating the management of risk into every level of the organisations we work with. By combining best-practice and technology where needed, we are able to deliver value through a modern risk lens, fit for purpose and tailored to each organisation. We have expertise in the following risk areas:

  • Operations/Business Operations/Operational Risk Management
  • Project Specific Risk Management
  • Opportunity to Reward Management
  • Threat and Control Assessment
  • Risk Culture Augmentation
  • Know Your Customer and Due Diligence Assessment
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Supply Chain Risk Management
  • Political Risk Management
  • Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Risk and Compliance Management
  • Vendor Risk Management
  • Risk Training

Consulting – Our consulting strategy is designed to work seamlessly with our client’s goals to ensure we deliver the most high-value outcome across various business levels and needs. We take the time to understand our client’s purpose using our unique Discovery Analysis called Velocity X. Then, with an outside-in view and client-led perspective, we bring together all the essential elements and capabilities required to successfully deliver any transformation project. Our approach is agile, deeply collaborative and accelerated.

Technology – We believe that an organisation’s corporate strategy is guided and influenced by its technology infrastructure. Our Enterprise Technology expertise enables you to:

  • Align your technology strategy with your business goals, plan and execute your digital transformation,
  • Modernise your systems and architecture, with a detailed roadmap, established on your unique needs,
  • Embrace modern operating models and Agile methods to increase the productivity, quality and efficiency and safety of your organisation,
  • Achieve your most ambitious technology transformation goals with Delivery Assurance.

Coaching & Training – Our training programmes are designed and developed with the client’s needs in mind. We take into consideration the sector clients operate in to ensure learning is not just head knowledge but essential and applicable to work instruction that is required for staff to perform their tasks more successfully. This is a psychological approach we take to training that eliminates resistance to learning. Our programmes are internationally endorsed by our awarding body partner, ABE UK. Check out our coaching page for information on some of our programmes. Our sister brand, School of Risk has a host of training programmes available. Please get in touch for details.

Work with us as your Trusted Partner – Don’t do it alone. It’s costly and time-consuming.

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Meet Our Past Speakers

Photo of Chizubel Egwudo
Chizubel Egwudo
Founder & CEO
The Risk of You
Photo of Linda Duberley
Linda Duberley
Duberley Media
Photo of Garry Jones
Garry Jones
Global Linguistics Leader
International Speaker & Coach
Portrait of Augusta Omyiuke-Eluma
Augusta Onyiuke-Eluma
Foster Denovo
Photo of Candyce Costa
Candyce Costa
Social Media Strategist
Digital Business Women
Photo of John Gower
John Gower
OMNI Local
Photo of James Hennebry
James Hennebry
Rosslyn Coffee
Portrait of Matthew Russell
Matthew Russell
Rosslyn Coffee

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Attendee Testimonials

I thoroughly enjoyed attending the event and listening to a variety of talks by different speakers. It gave me a different perspective on how I view risk. I look forward to the next event.

Barbara Atim

Assistant Company Secretary, Euroclear
I really enjoyed meeting people of a similar mindset. It is comforting to know I am not alone when it comes to risk-taking… much better to try than wonder what if...

Paul K Porter

Professional Photographer, Paul K Porter Photography
A really great event, with speakers that made you think from different perspectives. I wish Chiz and his team all the success they deserve. Looking forward to the next networking event.

Samantha Salter

Business Analyst
It was very interesting to listen to speakers who had a different outlook of risk in relation to their personal lives and businesses.

Dr Jonathan Fening

Pharmaceutical Consultant
I found the networking conference very inspiring, motivating and informative. I loved the talks from inspiring entrepreneurs and professionals, who discuss the reality of running a business – the struggles, their journeys and the rewards. It was then great to speak and network with many other individuals with interesting careers and journeys! Looking forward to the next one!

Laura Bush

Business Owner, Art Wow

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