Entity Risk Management

Using industry knowledge and deep research combined with our dynamic expertise, we help your company understand typical threats and opportunities existing within and outside your organisation. With close collaboration, we implement measures to prevent potential problems and create roadmaps for exploiting your opportunities right down to when you realise the rewards.

Operational Risk Management

Risks to and for your operations are influenced by your people, your business processes, your systems or technology infrastructure and the known and unknown factors arising outside the control of your company. We help you identify and manage those operational risks that threaten your purpose and identify the good risks that reward you.

Risk and Control Assessment

Do you struggle to maintain a steady RCSA or RCA regime? This essential aspect of risk management is the performance of a deep-dive assessment of your key or material threats and their prevention activities. Our service uniquely includes opportunity identification. Find out how our RCSA or RCA Subscription Service can be your asset to resilience and growth.

Know Your Customer & Due Diligence Assessment

Knowing the true value of your customers can be both a threat and opportunity to your company’s purpose. Our KYC and DDA goes beyond the assessment of customer data and ascertaining identity. With the application of analytical psychology and economic trend analysis, customers become valuable assets and not just numbers.

Project & Programme Risk Management

News like ‘£450m lost after project fails to deliver results’ is not new news. Implement adequate and effective measures to prevent project finance sinkholes and gain the return on your investment. For that you need our lean agile risk approach, dynamic, intuitive and intelligent human involvement in your projects to fully achieve your organisation’s purpose.

Looking for Multiple Areas of Service?

Our services solve problems and deliver rewards. Book single or multiple services depending on your needs. We want to be your trusted Risk Partner helping you on the journey to your purpose. Our initial consultation is free of charge where we take the time to understand your immediate needs. Find out how we can help you accomplish your needs.