Our Purpose

The Risk of You is a specialist risk management consultancy providing purpose-fit risk solutions that gives businesses real value. Our unique ideology rests on the belief that ‘risk is a person or an entity with a purpose’. Our whole model of operation and delivery for clients is to help you achieve your purpose. That is why we have named our company, ‘The Risk of You’. We exist to help you manage the risk of you, whether they are people related or entity related, entity being the business and its initiatives, whether small, medium or large corporations, in relation to your purpose.

We are raising the stake in risk management for bigger rewards!

Our Values

We Create and <br />Build IntegrityIcon for create-integrity

We Create and
Build Integrity

We are governed by strong moral values that guides how we carry out business with clients building the trustworthy relationships.

We Value <br />Our RelationshipsIcon for value-relationships

We Value
Our Relationships

We adore people and have a deep passion for building worthwhile relationships, carefully studying how to serve you best.

We Are Dedicated <br />To SuccessIcon for dedicated-to-success

We Are Dedicated
To Success

Your success facilitates our success. We do everything in our power to help you achieve your purpose successfully.

Our Story

The Risk of You is the brainchild of Founder & CEO, Chizubel Egwudo who spent many years as an independent risk consultant delivering risk management services to major brand names in both private and public sectors.

Identifying major gaps and flaws in the practice of risk management such as how it is about 90% a tick box exercise, many Risk Managers and consultancies in it mainly for the money with their lack of commitment and real expertise.

Frustrated by this, I sought to really understand the deeper side of risk, bypassing traditionally approaches.

After many years of research and hard work on how best to deliver better risk management that drives profitability, I set up The Risk of You as the solution. It is our bold statement, our company’s name and a powerful mindset embedded in our services and trainings courses, transforming businesses.

We not your typical risk consultancy, we are bold, highly innovative and confident of the value we can bring to clients.

Established in 2018, we are gradually becoming a disruptor risk consultancy that offers and promotes risk management that is appropriate for today’s world, making it applicable to anyone in any sector.

Get To Know Us Better

Chizubel Egwudo

Founder &

Why Work With Us?

Industry ExpertsIcon for industry-experts

Industry Experts

We are a specialist team backed by many years of experience with a vast bank of risk management knowledge, networks and resources.

Bespoke SolutionsIcon for bespoke-solutions

Bespoke Solutions

We offer entirely tailored risk management solutions for your business to help you attain your business goals and achieve your purpose.

Simple IntegrationIcon for simple-integration

Simple Integration

We effortlessly integrate our innovative risk management methods into your business to create efficient practices that yeald sucessful outcomes.

Effective ResultsIcon for effective-results

Effective Results

Our unique approach to risk management paired with our scientific way of thinking enables us to provide effective results.

Work With Us Today

We help companies build an encompassing risk ecosystem that grows with your business by incorporating the vital elements often missed out when using methodologies that at best achieves compliance. By combining risk strategies with analytical psychology, we can increase your productivity and profitability. We are radical thinkers who go beyond the normal to help you to achieve your purpose, whilst putting money in your pockets.