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Revealing Risk Philosophy

How To Acquire The Effective And High-Value Mindset For Risk Taking That Highly Successful People Use To Gain HIgh Rewards.

How To Acquire The Effective And High-Value Mindset For Risk Taking That Highly Successful People Use To Gain High Rewards

Have you ever wondered how your understanding of risk affects your life or business? When you think about this, you will see that your adoption of the popular mindset about risk may have been a subconscious one driven mainly by common language use of the word.

“What many people don’t understand about risk is that it is a philosophy and not a condition like a sickness one gets and needs a cure.

Too often when most people think or talk about risk, it is as though they are looking for a cure to a sickness they have because they want to avoid or prevent that risk from happening to them at all cost. The truth is that we are all faced with good and bad risks daily all the days of our lives. If life was perfect, there will still be risk because as humans, we always have a choice to make. The risks you attract or affects you, is dependent on the actions you take or fail to take, good or bad.

Risk philosophy or the philosophy of risk is not just about risk management in organisations or businesses, partly, because organisations or businesses are operated by people.

Risk Philosophy is a way of life, a mindset, belief system, your belief system about how to approach what you do in life, whether it is personal or professional. Repeating for emphasis, risk is not like an illness you cure. As a matter of fact, you can rightly say that risk is equal to life or life is equal to risk, whichever way you want to put it. Once this fundamental is embedded in our minds, it opens up the great possibilities that brings multiple rewards. Take Elon Musk for example and his Space X company, if he and his team had the common mindset of risk that many organisations have today, there will be no Space X. They understood the philosophy of risk and failure was not an option, that is why SPACE X is the most successful space company, delivering more people and satellites into SPACE, basically making NASA great again.

Risk is the most ancient philosophy there ever was and still is. I say this because risk has been around for as long as the existence of humans on this planet, it was not understood properly and is not being taught correctly by many of the institutions promoting or attempting to teach the idea of risk. What they have done is focus only on a relatively small section of risk, the negative side. I don’t want to call it the negative side of risk, because in essence there isn’t a negative side of risk. Risk is not the problem, it is people.

When you understand the philosophy of risk, you understand how the world works and that is power in your hands to achieve anything you want.

You’ve been waiting for this! What is Risk Philosophy then?

“Risk Philosophy is the study, understanding and application of environmental, economic and social dynamics governing humans in relation to their purpose.”

There are 3 steps here:

  1. first you need to study the dynamics,
  2. then you need to understand how these dynamics applies to you by laying out all the strands that leads to your purpose, which means working out from these your process for attaining your purpose,
  3. then apply or implement the process to attaining your purpose within a defined timeframe.

This is how risk philosophy works. It is not a theory but an executable mindset that gives you your defined and desired outcome in all aspects of human life both personally and professionally.

When you adopt this philosophy, risk no longer appears to seem like a disease that needs a cure. Your eyes and mind become open to possibilities you never knew existed. By using data, good and so called bad data, combining the data to make sense of it, you will begin to connect many dots and invisible pathways to achieving the things you want will make themselves available to you – Opportunities and Rewards.

So far I have talked about what risk philosophy is and why you need to adopt it. I also showed you how you can implement the philosophy of risk in your life through the 3 steps in the definition: those 3 steps again are:

  1. study the dynamics,
  2. understand the dynamics
  3. apply or implement the process for attaining your purpose.

The benefits of knowing the Risk Philosophy

Here are some of the extensive benefits of adopting the risk philosophy mindset

  • You see things a lot clearer and cut through the noise of this crazy world
  • You own your purpose and achieve it confidently and successfully, not a being a slave to the system
  • You are able to control and manage your own fears and those loud ones thrown at you by the system we live in
  • You have a community of like-minded people, I’m here – connect with me
  • The things that appeared impossible became possible because you now know how to create bridges over what were insurmountable walls
  • You understand failure as a risk possibility and find opportunity in whatever failure you experience. You shouldn’t throw the failure away – Daniel Bernoulli, an 18th century risk mathematician states that “a person accepts risk both on the basis of possible losses or gains and the utility gained from the action itself” This has since been proven to be true.
  • Ultimately you become a much more fulfilled and a more successful risk taker.

If you would like help implementing the Risk Philosophy mindset in your business, we have a course for that. To find out about this course, please contact me directly or use the contact options here speak to any member of my team.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

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