Revealing Risk Philosophy: Ready to Uncover the Powerful Mindset for Risk-Taking Highly Successful People Use to Gain Maximum Rewards?

Have you ever wondered how your understanding of risk affects you? What many people and businesses do not understand about risk is that it is a philosophy and not a condition like a sickness that needs medication to cure it. Read on to learn more.

What Exactly is Risk?

Too often, when most people think or talk about risk, it is as though they are looking for a cure to a sickness they have, ,want to avoid or prevent. The truth is that what we think risk is, is only a small fraction of the full picture. We define risk as ‘a person or an entity with a purpose‘. Having this right mindset about risk is essential for the achievement of any purpose.

What is Risk Philosophy?

Risk Philosophy is the study, understanding and application of environmental, economic, social and psychological dynamics governing humans in relation to their purpose.”

How does Risk Philosophy Work?

When we talk about how risk philosophy works, there are three steps involved:

  1. First, you need to study the dynamics,
  2. Then you need to understand how these dynamics apply to you by laying out all the elements required for the purpose you want to achieve,
  3. Then execute the activities in your purpose’ roadmap within a defined timeframe.

This is how risk philosophy works. It is not just theorem but an executable set of rules that produces a desired outcome in all aspects of human life.

Explaining Risk Philosophy

Risk Philosophy is best described as a way of life, a mindset, a belief system; your belief system that enables you to strategically navigate our world successfully. For success to be well qualified, it is vital to eradicate the mainstream understanding of risk from one’s mind that it is something bad which needs avoiding. You can not truly achieve sustainable success by holding on to the a belief that is trauma based. The mainstream risk is trauma laden and barely offers any real way for getting out of it because that is how most companies and consultancies profit.

Example of Risk Philosophy

Take Elon Musk for example and his Space X company. Suppose he and his team had the common mindset of risk that many organisations have today. In that case, there will be no Space X. They understood the philosophy of risk and every failed test was an opportunity that brought them closer to their purpose. Human reasons to abandon the project presented themselves many times but their belief of the what is possible brought the reality that is today SPACE X, the most successful space company, delivering more people and satellites into SPACE, basically making NASA relevant again.

Let us face it, Risk is the most ancient philosophy there ever was and still is. I say this because risk has been around for as long as the existence of humans on this planet. Heck, even before humans. You could say, God took a risk on humans to bring us into existence. Risk needs to be understood properly and taught correctly. The so-called institution of risk are doing humanity a dis-service by putting out knowledge that is not relevant for reality by teaching risk to be something that needs to be avoided as opposed to risk being a powerful influence for success.

When you understand the philosophy of risk, you understand how the world works, and that is power in your hands to achieve anything you want.

Why Adopt a Risk Philosophy?

When you adopt this philosophy, risk is no longer like a disease that needs a cure. Your eyes and mind become open to possibilities you never knew existed. By using data, good and so-called bad data, combining the data to make sense of it, you will begin to connect many dots, and invisible pathways to achieving the things you want will make themselves available to you – Opportunities and Rewards.

Benefits of adopting Risk Philosophy

Here are some of the extensive benefits of adopting the risk philosophy mindset

  • You see things much clearer and cut through the noise of this crazy world.
  • You own your purpose and achieve it confidently and successfully, not being a slave to the system.
  • You can control and manage your fears and those loud ones thrown at you by the system we live in
  • You have a community of like-minded people, and I’m here – connect with me.
  • The things that appeared impossible became possible because you now know how to create bridges over insurmountable walls.
  • You understand failure as a risk possibility and find opportunity in whatever failure you experience. You shouldn’t throw failure away – Daniel Bernoulli, an 18th-century risk mathematician, states that “a person accepts risk both based on possible losses or gains and the utility gained from the action itself” This has since been proven to be true.
  • Ultimately you become a much more fulfilled and more successful risk-taker.


So far, I have discussed risk philosophy and why you must adopt it. I also showed you the benefits and how you can implement the philosophy of risk in your life through the three steps in the definition: those three steps again are:

  1. Study the dynamics,
  2. Understand the dynamics,
  3. Apply or implement the process for attaining your purpose.

We have provide risk training and coaching that help implement the Risk Philosophy mindset in organisations. To learn more about this course, Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly or use the contact options here to speak to any of our team members.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

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